Jailbreak (Live) Intermission Adventure Contest Results

By on Thursday, 1st January 2009 529 views

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Video Description:
1st: 2 DVD's & Logitech Mic
2nd: 2 DVD's
3rd: 2 DVD's
4th: 1 DVD
5th: 1 DVD
Note: I'm sure some of you expected Cyanide's video to be on here and it was probably good enough to get around 7th or 8th, but he had someone put a fake fish on his line, as can be seen by pausing the video when he reels it in. It appears to be a plastic killer whale? Whatever it is, it's definitely a toy. So I had to knock him out of the top 10 for that. He has done some really great entries for some other contests though, so don't hate on him too hard.

Also Starring:
HM – http://www.youtube.com/dillonb91
10th Place – http://www.youtube.com/johnisadumb
9th Place – http://www.youtube.com/GearsOfWarCRAZY
8th Place – http://www.youtube.com/OneEyedWonderW…
7th Place – http://www.youtube.com/patcugs10
6th Place – http://www.youtube.com/njo823v
5th Place – http://www.youtube.com/stardust7920042
4th Place – http://www.youtube.com/stinkdog2006
3rd Place – http://www.youtube.com/brumerzzz
2nd Place – http://www.youtube.com/FallenOracleX
1st Place – http://www.youtube.com/DoctorDemental

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