Bratz Dolls Hit The Big Screen

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Bratz dolls have been hugely popular since they hit store shelves six years ago, so now they are trying their luck on the big screen.

In the “Bratz” movie, due out Aug. 3, the dolls come to life as high school girls who vow to keep their friendship together even though their different interests in school are pulling them apart.

The Bratz fit into four different cliques. Janel Parrish plays Jade, the scientist; Skyler Shaye plays the jock, Cloe; Nathalia Ramos plays Yasmin, the singer-journalist; and Logan Browning plays Sasha, the cheerleader.

In their new school, Carry Nation High, the foursome discovers how difficult to navigate the high school’s social structure, which is based firmly on cliques. They decide that they should take a stand against pressure.

The pressures of high school are very familiar to the young stars. Ramos just finished her freshman year while the other three just graduated. This made them a little too old to play with the actual Bratz dolls, but Parish said that after they got their roles in the move, they all went out and bought their dolls.

The movie has a feel good message for young girls, they said.

“It’s about being true to yourself,” Parrish said.

“It has lots of different mixed messages,” Ramos said. “I mean, it’s be true to yourself, being unique, and then the value of true friendship, know who your real friends are.”

It takes a food fight ? one that rivals “Animal House” in proportions ? to bring the girls back together. The Bratz get called to the principal’s office and they realize that they don’t have to be in cliques and they can be friends despite their differences.

“That’s very much like high school in real life,” Ramos said. “It shows you don’t have to hang out with only people that have the same interests as you. You can be friends with everyone.”

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