Stars Strike Back Against Paparazzi

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George Clooney has had it with the paparazzi.

On Monday, video surfaced of the Oscar-winning actor angrily confronting a photographer who cut him off while both men were riding motorcycles. Clooney was with his girlfriend Sarah Larson.

“How many people do you put in danger?” Clooney angrily asked the photographer. “How many laws do you break?”

Clooney and Larson were in a motorcycle accident in September. The actor later expressed annoyance that the video was later sold and played on TV.

Photos: George Does Venice

On the other side of the globe, actress Nicole Kidman testified in an Australian court Monday in the photographer’s defamation suit against a Sydney newspaper that slammed him for allegedly hounding the Oscar-winning actress. She said she was fearful for her life and reduced to tears because of the photographer’s unrelenting pursuit in January 2005.

“I was frightened and I was worried there was going to be an accident,” Kidman said.

Story: Kidman Recalls Tearful Paparazzi Chase

Michael Levine, a former publicist for Michael Jackson and other stars, told Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen that technology has made it easier for the paparazzi and regular people alike to pursue celebrities.

“We’ve become a less sacred society as we’ve become more and more technologically sophisticated,” Levine said. “Sometimes millions of dollars (are) at play. Money is the mother’s milk of this phenomenon. It just draws that kind of outrageous behavior because there’s so much money at stake.

“There’s very little in today’s culture that they (celebrities) can do, except of course ? assume that everything you’re doing is being videotaped,” Levine added. “We live in a world in which anything can be videotaped at any time. So, you’ve got to presume you’re being filmed or recorded at some point.

“We’re living in a very unprecedented time in terms of technology, so anything can and will be used,” he said.

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